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flashmakeit responds:

I really like your music and again thank you for allowing me to use it.

Cheesy Ending! XD!!!

I'm a offended and i find this weeaboo. XD!!!! But seriously though nice animation.

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This is actually a pretty decent game and i've heard you used my music at the end. Well guess what????? THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT, i really appreciate it. :)

Keep it up
-SP34K3R M4N (Hunter Stewart)

Hah! When hilda won the tournament i actually wanted to use the earthquake effect on her that was 3X as powerful as the Chilean earthquake back in February 27 2010.
LOL! But anyways lets get to reviewing alright the battle was good i really did enjoy the battle but however at the tournament the art of the audience needs more work other then that it's just like the original pokemon.

Keep it going
-ihatebeer (Hunter Bennett Stewart)

It's pretty fun is all i could say.

-ihatebeer (Hunter B. Stewart)

TheMadWasp responds:

Hey, I sometimes don't know what else to say in reviews.
Glad you liked this!

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Good to hear some more Progressive House again. It's great!

Oh boy! It's a very relaxing track, I love it.
I've never heard anything this good in a long time.

-SP34K3R M4N

IoTheEternal responds:

Thanks man! I used to own the trance genre as chronamut from 2003-2014 with Dreamscaper and B0UNC3 - WE WERE THE FIRST! :P - so expect to see me popping in and out again over the ages!

I am glad you like it man - a lot of work went into the mastering, to give everything its own focus while not drowning anything else out :)

Glad to see I have a new fan! Check out my chronamut account - it's locked and archived so I can't respond to any of the reviews there but I got a loooot of music there - you can witness my evolution over the years hehehe :)

thanks for the review mate! :)


I kinda like it, it's very unique for a trance song.

-SP34K3R M4N

IoTheEternal responds:

Thanks man! Yeah it was super hard to have the 3 melodies in there have their own focus - had to use some holophonic mastering to place the 2 melodies a bit farther behind the ear - it was fun to make it though - glad you enjoyed!

thanks for the review!


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Only a few hundred views??!!! This is what I call a masterpiece. In my opinion, it should be a lot more popular.

jeriv responds:

Thank you! I'm not quite sure how to boost popularity, but I'm glad someone likes it!

She's definitely a D.VA.
Great work!

She reminds me of Noire's older sister. And she's very stunning.

This has potential.

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